Creating Youth Voices for Change (Spring & Summer 2024)


Sat, April 27, 2024 – Sat, July 27, 2024

11:00 AM – 2:00 PM EDT


SUSO's Home for Healing

3326 Durham-Chapel Hill Blvd

Suite 200 Bldg. D

Durham, NC 27707

United States


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Creating Youth Voices for Change One-Time Registration Fee

$25.00 (1 Attendee)

A one-time registration fee will cover any materials or supplies needed for the student, along with snacks and lunch we will provide while they are with us.

Week 1 (April 27th): Expressive Art Introduction

Free (1 Attendee)

Self-awareness - Be the change. Transform into a Change Agent this week as we delve into self-awareness and empower you to make a difference.

Week 2 (May 11th): Art Affirmations

Free (1 Attendee)

Week 2 (May 11th): Mindfulness - Break barriers and become the Bull Dozer of your life. Join us for a week of mindfulness and learn to overcome obstacles with resilience.

Week 3 (May 18th): Self-Care through Drama Therapy

Free (1 Attendee)

Discover what's in your emotional bank account and start making deposits for self-care. Prioritize your well-being this week.

Week 4 (June 8th): Purpose with Hip Hop Music

Free (1 Attendee)

Shape your mindset and achieve results early on. Discover your purpose through the art of hip hop music. Explore your personal narrative, aspirations, and values through rhythm and rhyme.

Week 5 (June 22): Positive Relationships through Storytelling

Free (1 Attendee)

Positive Relationships - Build a strong foundation and clarify your direction in positive relationships through storytelling. Join us in cultivating fulfilling connections as we share our narratives and create bonds through t

Week 6 (June 29): Grounding through Nature Art

Free (1 Attendee)

Grounding - Learn to cope and find your center. Explore the calming and centering effects of visual art through the practice of drawing and sketching. Let your creativity flow as you ground yourself in the present moment.

Week 7 (July 13th): Tool kit

Free (1 Attendee)

Explore your resilience toolkit and discover what resources you have available. Join us in building resilience and strength through the dynamic movements of theater. Express yourself on stage and embrace the transformative power of storytelling and perfor